Need help, multiple problems w/FPZ
Hello everyone, I hope someone can help me out. I followed all of the directions, cut everywhere, measured, cut more, cut some things that the guide missed. Everything seemed to fit properly. Got the board soldered and ensured that the LCD is working, and it's all there, software-wise. 

Put it all together, and the back plate won't sit flush, and no matter where I grind or cut nothing helps. Screwed it all together anyway and for the first few minutes the R button worked and now it won't actuate. Also, the A button doesn't do anything and I can't for the life of me figure out why. This project has been fun for the most part but things going wrong at the very end is draining my patience. 

Thank you in advance for reading.
For the Freeplay Zero, one big thing to check is where the back of the Pi Zero (where the 40pin header sticks out the back) contacts the shell.  This area can be very difficult to notice, but it can cause fitment problems.  As far as shells go, I've seen differences in this area, and some shells have extra plastic here that others don't have.

It can be difficult to tell if the shell is touching the back of these pins.  There are several things that can cause problems here.  
  • If the Pi isn't fully inserted into the Freeplay board
  • If the pin headers soldered into the Pi are sticking out too far on either side
  • If the plastic shell has extra thickness in this area
  • If the Freeplay board isn't fully seated down into the front shell section before putting the back section on
Check those things and maybe post some photos.  If you keep having problems/frustrations here, please also open a support ticket at
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