Boxy with wooden buttons
Sorry for posting twice but I found out about the Boxy shells after the initial purchase for everything (just found out about the hobby) and well, I had to get one haha like many have already said, they're like chocolate and peanutbutter. I really like the metal buttons and will probably end up getting those instead, but I had to do something to it other than put it all together. So using a drill press and hand saws I made some cherry wood buttons and filled them with some colored epoxy Big Grin . The dpad is basically just the stock one cut off and replaced with the wooden one, the buttons feet are just some epoxy molded and cut to fit the shell, and the triggers are just the hinge/spring cut glued to the wooden trigger. The buttons feel amazing but the trigger springs need some bending and believe it or not- the dpad plays terribly haha it feels nice though. Eventually I want to add a wriststrap for my clumsiness (I think that's what the hole on the back shell is for) and stain or patina to the  shoulder guards or something to give it some color. But it's going to look like this for a little while so I figured I share it Smile

Edit: I don't know if I'm going with joysticks or not, probably 90% games I'd play won't need them. Maybe two smaller speakers in the front. Or just cap the holes with faux buttons.

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I like the idea of making the wooden buttons. That's pretty cool!
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And I thought it was difficult shaving the plastic off the shoulder buttons.

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