Charging power draw
Good morning/afternoon/evening. I just finished building a RP0 version and have a question about charging. I have the 2000 mAh battery and no matter where I plug it in it will only charge at 5v 0.46A when off. When it's on and charging, it charges at 5V 0.6A. Is this the normal charge? Obviously when powered on it will have a higher draw. I'm just concerned that it will take a while to charge is all.

I did search for the word "charging" and out of the 4 pages of results nobody really talked much about charging haha.
Yes those are normal charging values. The battery should charge around 500mAh and the rest of what you are seeing is going to run the system.
Thank you for the response. It just seemed a little low. I had figured it would charge closer to 0.6 when off and close to maybe 0.8 when on. It charges just fine.

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