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Metroid-vania demo
The ngp community it's small but faithful. I'll try your demo in my flash cart and if you wish, write my point of view about it. Thanks for your job!

I uploaded a new video with a new tileset.  It's got nude statuary depicted.  It's nothing explicit, but I went ahead and set the video to being age restricted just in case it isn't appropriate for everyone.

I have the beginning of saving/loading working.  I am still figuring out what will ultimately need to be in the payload, but I have save rooms working and it retains the last weapon selected as well as bosses defeated.

The video also shows a new enemy type with special movement.  It is not restricted by environmental obstacles and pursues the player in all directions.

I had been using an old version of Tiled and was very happy to learn about the newer world functionality when I upgraded.  This allows me to build out worlds with rooms all on the same view in the tool, and I have put together a script to automatically manage exit mapping.  Previously I was manually managing mapping from one exit to another, but now I only have to do that if the exits between 2 rooms are not adjacent in the world.

@KeiDash, thanks for your offer.  I am not ready for external testing and feedback yet.

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