MAME4ALL on FPZero and Custom builds
Hello everyone. 

Long since posting here and I just wanted to just throw some questions out there: 

1 - was wondering if anyone has had any luck getting mame4all working with 0.37b5 roms ?? 

2 - in alternative, as anyone had any success with PiFBA? 

3 - This is probably a question for @Flavor, but I'll ask anyway. Has anyone tried getting a premade image and then make it work in FreePlayZero? is it enough to just configure controls? 

Thanks all. 
I'll speak about #3 for the moment.
In theory, you can check out and read the there. It should show you how to do it on any Raspbian/RetroPie image.

However, it's fairly untested. Not many people have tried using it.

You may also want to look at if you want more info. It's a hodgepodge of info, though, so be warned.
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Cheers Ed. Thanks for that. 
Will have a look.

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