Letter buttons not working
Hi again,

I've had the most unbelievably bad time assembling this thing, hours and hours of filing and cutting and filing and checking and rechecking and cutting and filing, then I threaded a screw and had to drill it out, damaging my case in the process, and finally I had got everything together and booted it and my A/B/X/Y buttons aren't working.

I tried ejecting and reinserting my RPC3 module several times and then rebooting, which did not solve the problem.

The only thing I can suspect as a problem is my terrible soldering job getting the rubber nipple buttons onto the board, but they're all flush with the board itself, and none appear to be shorted.

Short of unsoldering the buttons (and then what?? I can't go to the silicon pads since I don't have enough), I don't know what else I can do. Honestly I have mentally given up on it at this point, I'm just throwing this out there to see if there are any more ideas before I call it quits.

Thanks in advance, and apologies for my sour tone.
So I unsoldered the nipple buttons and tried using the silicon button activators and it seems that the sensors for the letter buttons are still working in general, so the issue must have been with my soldering.

I'm going to buy some more silicon activators (unfortunately the Retromodding kit does not come with an extra couple for the x/y buttons) and that means that the build is not dead but it is disappointing that at this point I won't have it assembled before I go away for Christmas. Not much that can be done about that though.

If/when I finish the build I'll probably post again to show that I got there. Thanks for the support everyone.
Hey damiante!

I just noticed your first post. I had to run out, and when I got back, you already had an update.

Anyway, I really wonder how all 4 could have been bad due to soldering. Do you have any photos of how that was? I looked you up, and I think you're in Australia, right? There has to be a local source for the silicone rubber pads, if you want to go that route.

I could also (maybe) find another source for similar rubber-nipple buttons. Let me know which route you'd rather go.

I did a quick eBay search in AU, and I found this one: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/REPLACEMENT-...ctupt=true
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