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Help Me Program On The Pocket Color!
Hello All! First Post Here.


My Favorite Handheld Is The NGPC So I Have Been Thinking, I Want To Make A Game But I Don't Have The Resources To Do It!

So Can You Guys Please Help Me! I Do Know A Little Bit Of C++ So Can You Guys Give Me A Link On How To Compile C++ Programs For The NGPC
Take a look at this thread:

Some samples are available in this forum (with sources)
Some of mine:

Ask your questions here (or private msg)

Welcome!  It's not a very active scene at the moment, but sodthor is the best when it comes to this system.

I got into NGPC programming pretty recently, and I think the best starting point is this tutorial from Chris Ahchay:

This was my starting point and served me well.

Ignore the part in the sound section about neotracker and get sodthor's sound driver that uses vgm music from Deflemask.  Don't even bother with neotracker, and I also recommend against using the more basic sound generation Chris mentions that he prefers.  It's just too basic and there's an easier and more powerful option now.

Also, while Chris' walk-through is a good way to understand the sprites/tiles, sodthor's image convertor is the best way to work with getting tiles together.  I wish there had been a tutorial that mentioned his image tool when I started, because I wasted a lot of time trying to get images processed through the tools you'll see recommended otherwise.  With sodthor's tool, you can just draw tiles in a normal image editor, while trying to keep within the constraints of the color/pallette limits, and you'll end up with ready to go tile arrays very quickly.

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