Hotkey not working in Retropie 4.6 test image
I previously had the power-slider 'hotkey mode' working nicely in the 4.5 image (Freeplay_CM3_20051201.img.gz). In that 4.5 build however, I had not been able to get the scraper(s) to work so I decided to try the 4.6 test image. (Freeplay_CM3_Test-RetroPie-46-20051302.img.gz)

To my relief, the scraper works fine in the 4.6 test image, but the hotkey-mode system appears to be non-existent when trying to exit a game. Upon trying to reconfigure the inputs, sliding the power button twice maps the hotkey to 'button 12', but the hotkey-mode has no effect in-game as it did before. I've tried multiple lr emulators, and every possible hotkey combination listed in the Read Me.

On a whim I updated the xpad driver, but this appears to break things further. (The system now thinks the right shoulder button is the start button.)

Has anyone gotten both the scraper & hotkey working in the same build?

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