Retropie 2.7.1 screen brightness control
Hi all.

I am currently setting up the freeplayCM3. The retropie 2.7.1 image served as baseline and the freeplay drivers and scripts were installed via the Freeplay-Support script.

So far everything except the screen brightness control is working flawlessly. When entering the screen brightness menu, no brightness controller can be found and the setup exits. I2C bus is active and detected but the PCA9633 is not detected (tested via commandline). i2cdetect shows an empty grid without any addresses reserved.

I have also tried to compile all drivers and scripts directly from source. Same outcome. Everything except the brightness control is working. The chip is working with the pre-configured 2.5 freeplay-retropie image but unfortunately this image is rather outdated even after system upgrade.

What am i missing here? Has anyone achieved a fully working freeplay with a current retropie image?

Edit: I am using the ili9341 driver. Compiled with brightness support and correct pin mapping as suggested by "

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