Screen datasheet
Short question:
Would you guys happen to have a datasheet for sitting around somewhere (or perhaps a model number)?

Long story behind it:
I'm building a custom handheld for my young nieces.  Custom PCB, MCU, software, etc...  Mostly for fun/learning experience.  I really liked the GBA form factor and picked up a shell along with relevent parts.  Last thing I need before starting to design the PCBs is a screen.  The shell I'm using is which has the extra room for the IPS screen mod.

I could use the screen that's used for the IPS mods, but it uses an LCD that requires MIPI which I'd like to avoid if possible.  I've looked at hundreds of 3.2" LCDs on ali/ebay/ but they are all slightly too big.  The GBA shell only supports a screen up to 76mm wide, and all the 3.2" one's I've seen are all 77-79mm wide (just that 2mm too much).

From the looks of the picture, the LCD you guys are using is a parallel/RGB connection, which is perfect.  I'm not looking for help/advice on how to wire it up, or design a custom PCB, or on programming, or anything like that, just a datasheet or even a model number would be wonderful.
The LCD we use can do SPI or RGB (DPI). We use SPI.

The chipset on it is ILI9341. You can search for 3.2" ILI9341 LCDs. Not all will have the same ribbon connector, so some may only do SPI or whatever. I think I have some more info that I can scrounge up, so I'll message that direct to you.
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