Screen frame rate
I placed an order for the CM3 kit yesterday and am super excited to get it together. After looking around at other peoples builds though, I came across a post talking about how the screen refresh rate is held back by the max bandwidth of its interface. It looks like that issue is possibly resolved with a new display driver, but I was wondering if anyone has still experienced slowdown in games with it. Had I come across this problem before ordering it, I might have decided against it, but maybe it's not a problem anymore?
Here is the LCD driver used on the Freeplay CM3.
If you want technical details, there should be plenty there. We don't really hear complaints about framerate using this driver.

The main takeaway, though, is that the driver can run this LCD at 60+FPS. If you look on that page, search for the 3.2" LCDs that use ILI9341. That's the chip built into the LCD. There's a chart that shows some tests done on LCDs. You can see the framerates there.
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