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I Need Help With This Error!
Update: so anyways i followed Chris Achay's Tutorials and when i typed make into the command prompt it gave me a error, the error says:
cc900 -c -O3 test.c -o test.rel
C:\Users\thepl\Desktop\NGPC\test\test.c 2: THC1-Error-216: Syntax error at or near column 19
C:\Users\thepl\Desktop\NGPC\test\test.c 18: THC1-Error-285: Illegal function
C:\Users\thepl\Desktop\NGPC\test\test.c 18: THC1-Warning-577: Illegal function call 'SetPalette', too few actual parameters
IDK What to do so can you help me please!
Once again, without the source code it's hard to help you Smile
it seems that you've got 2 errors:
one at line 2, maybe a wrong #include line (a missing double quote ?)
the other at line 18: you called SetPalette with the wrong number of parameters (1 or more are missing): you have to check its definition in the header file (library.h ?) and do the call with the appropriate parameters.
Thanks, also I am trying to display sprites on the screen but how do i make that happen on the Neo-Geo Pocket Color?
This part explains it (a bit):
followed by the one already mentioned above:

and you can probably take a look at the official doc: K2GETechRef.PDF (google it if not yet downloaded)
Update: so anyways I was Trying to encode my own video with the ngpconv.jar program, bout when i try to compile the movie, it gives me an error. The error says:C:\Users\thepl\Downloads\NGPConv\release\mplayer_c\XBMCStuff.h 5: THC1-Error-216: Syntax error at or near column 1
make: *** [makefile:24: main.rel] Error 2
IDK what this means so can you help me please! (Especially Thor)

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