Battery Compartment Packable OTG Adapter
I just wanted to share a little find. I did a quick search and did not see any mention of this in the forum, but if I missed one then I am sorry for the repeat.

Ada fruit sells a tiny OTG adapter which fits perfectly into the left hand side of the battery compartment of my Freeplay Zero. I've found it quite handy to keep one there. The adapters can be found here: Tiny OTG Adapter - USB Micro to USB : ID 2910 : $2.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits 

And here is a picture of this little gem riding in the left hand side of my battery compartment:

It is quite easy to drop it into that little groove, and to take it out whenever I want to attach a keyboard or USB drive.
Oh, that's cool! I've definitely seen this adapter before, but I never thought of storing it in the shell anywhere before.

This is a great tip! Thanks!
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