Nintendo switch Freeplay CM3 L2R2 Slim Dual Analog (4 ADC)
Hey team 

Just wondering if a nintendo switch analogue joystick is compatible with the Freeplay CM3 L2R2 slim dual analog board or does it only work with the psp 1000 joystick

Thanks in advance 
Oh forgot to mention I will also be using a FFC FPC breakout board for wiring.
You can do just about any analog stick that I can think of.  The PSP stick fits a little better, but we've tested JoyCon sticks.  Here's a quick example that I was just recently talking to someone else about.

Keep in mind that this one I'm showing wasn't made to look good.  It was just thrown together to test some things (like stereo speakers on the back and Joy Con sticks).

I should also say that I think the Boxy Pixel shell is set up to accept Joy Con sticks.

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Thankyou for getting back to me and that case looks beautiful Smile It's good to know that it will be compatible, I'm planning on using a boxypixel so it should be all sweet Smile

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