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Link cable, works fine
So there's this Twitter post from a while back that, as I'm told, claims that FlashMasta doesn't work with the link cable: Wrote:・通信ケーブルで通信できない
・Cannot communicate with communication cable

My own testing reveals that it does work, but that the OEM link cable itself is the culprit.


The pins on the link cable are so far out on the end that they're completely overshooting the contacts in the communication port. Unseating it slightly solves the problem:


Don't be dissuaded from purchasing a FlashMasta on the grounds of the communication port not working. It works just fine as long as the cable is doing its job (plus, I'm not certain link communications even pass through the cartridge).
Me too, I test digimon game and connect my WonderSwan and D-3. It works perfectly!

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