Pair of SNES themed zeros
Hello everyone

So I never owned a real Nintendo when I was a kid. Had a SNES clone as they never sold it here. But played all games back in the day. Currently, I have 2 switches, 2 3ds xl old, 2 3ds new, 2 3ds ll new, 4 new Mario game & watch. This is my Nintendo stock besides Xbox and a hoard of win xp, 98 builds, and of course new machines.

I have stock for retropie arcade build like the controllers, screens etc. Plan to build it when I have time, So I was not looking for a full system with xy buttons. But I ordered long clicky just in case, they came pre-soldered, thought they would be separate :-) so I desoldered them.

Ed was very kind and as my last shipment got lost, he offered me a generous discount and batteries, went a long way in building this. I used the retro6 cases. their cases are good but the people behind the project seemed professionally cold if you know what I mean. So, Thanks Ed!

I built 2 because I have 2 sons and when I die, they would have one each   :-D
so here are the 2 builds still figuring out GBA performance issues though. As I said, I wanted an original look, so just the native buttons and only GBA, NES, SNES, and Atari on there, don't care about others.

I Love platformer games: Platformer

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