PI Zero 2 is out
Check it out.



Hopefully a straight swap in the Freeplay Zero with just software changes needed.
I logged in to say the same thing. For those of us with a Freeplay Zero, is there any chance we can drop this in?

It will need a new OS. Any chance of a new build, or directions for how to load screen and controller drivers?

From initial videos, this looks roughly the same performance as a Pi 3. It might even have slightly better IPC. It's only got 512 MB of RAM though, and the RAM is at 450 mhz.

Soon as i heard the announcement, i preordered first, deciding id best ask questions later.

And sure enough they seem to be selling out fairly fast (minus the pricier kits).

Soooo excited for an upgrade, i friggin love my FPZero!
I don't know why I missed this thread until now. I just replied with some more details here: https://forum.freeplaytech.com/showthread.php?tid=5273

I have uploaded a test SD Image for people to try. It is released under the "SD Image Files" link at
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