Keeping save data
Howdy all! I'm going to be upgrading mine with the Zero 2 soon and am trying to figure out how to keep all of the save data so that I don't have to start all of my games over once the SD card is overwritten. Any tips? Thanks in advance!
If you're just talking about savegame files, I think they're located in the same spot as the ROM files are. I'm not sure if the same is true for the savestate files.

I just did a bit of searching, and this is what I found (but not in official documentation).

It seems that you should find the ROM, the savegame file, and the savestate file in the same place.

So, if you had a ROM file of
then you'd have
as the savegame file and
as the savestate file.

Official documentation is a bit lacking on the topic, but there is the page.

I would definitely make a whole SD image backup before doing anything new.

I guess that you could copy/archive/transfer the entire /home/pi/RetroPie folder from the old install onto the new. There'd be plenty of ways to do that, but if you can ssh into the system, maybe something like:

cd /home/pi
tar zvf /tmp/RetroPie_backup.tar RetroPie
Then, use something like FileZilla to log in using SFTP and copy the file you just made "/tmp/RetroPie_backup.tar"
On the new system, you'd put the file into /tmp and then

cd /home/pi
mv RetroPie RetroPie_orig
tar cvf /tmp/RetroPie_backup.tar
That process might be slow and might take up a LOT of space on the SD card. Like, you'd probably need about half of your SD space to be free prior to doing it.

So, actually, maybe you'd want to just log in with FileZilla and go to "/home/pi" (which is likely the default if you log in as pi) and drag/drop the "RetroPie" folder to somewhere on your Win/Mac/Linux machine. Then, on the new SD, you'd boot it up, log in with FileZilla, maybe rename RetroPie to RetroPie_orig or whatever, and copy that whole directory from Win/Mac/Linux to /home/pi

Hopefully that makes sense. AND, keep in mind that I haven't tested it.
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