Slim L2R2 dual analog 4ADC add-on issue
(01-11-2022, 02:39 AM)Flavor Wrote: It doesn't seem like this is moving forward very easily.  I'm suspecting that there was some operating system update that went awry.

I would suggest trying to start fresh with a new SD card image.  If you have another SD card, that would be even better, since you can go back to the previous one if you needed to.

Take a look here:

Go to the "Freeplay Zero/CM3 SD Image Files" link and grab the latest image.  At the moment, I think that's "Freeplay_CM3-and-Zero2_Test_21110201.img.gz"  (Really, I think you can grab any of the CM3 images).  Burn that to an SD card and make sure it's all working with the normal buttons and all that.

Then go to the "Freeplay CM3 Boxy Pixel “Slim” L2R2 Dual Analog 4ADC Add-On Install" link which opens up a Google document and scroll down to the "Software Setup" section.

The first part of the software setup has you grab the latest driver code and build it.  If you grabbed the latest CM3 image, then you don't really need to grab the latest mk_arcade_joystick_rpi driver.  This part is here to ensure that the document matches the driver, which is very important if people are putting an add-on board into a system that has been running for a while.  The drivers could be out of date, then, but it should be the latest driver that's on the latest SD image at the moment.

So, actually just skip down to this part and run these commands.

Quote:cd /home/pi/Freeplay/mk_arcade_joystick_rpi
make config

See how that goes for you.

Ran into this issue and this fixed it for me:

1. Fresh install of IMAGE=Freeplay_CM3_20051201

2. SSH and do: `cd ~/Freeplay/mk_arcade_joystick_rpi/; make config`. This SUCCEEDS -- device recognizes all buttons including L2+R2. Here is relevant stdout snippet:

[L2] button bind on pin 43
, reversed logic
[R2] button bind on pin 42
, reversed logic
After system reboots, L2+R2 buttons are not recognized in EmulationStation controller config or Retroarch input config -- after reading snippet it occured to me this is to be expected due to "reverse logic". 

3. There was mention of this issue in another thread so i edited `/etc/modprobe.d/mk_arcade_joystick.conf` to flip signs: -43 -> 43 , -42 -> 42  to give me a file like:

options mk_arcade_joystick_rpi map=4 hkmode=1 gpio=4,17,6,5,19,26,16,18,23,24,15,14,-20,43,42,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1

4. After a reboot, L2+R2 buttons are recognized in ES controller config (interestingly, they weren't recognized in Retroarch until i performed another reboot after setting controller config in ES)

5. Success! L2+R2 buttons now correctly configured [Image: smile.gif]

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