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vgmlib - SMS VGM player for BGM and SFX
I have published library, driver and source files to github for the VGM player I put together to play SMS VGM files as BGM and SFX.  The library can integrate into projects using the existing C framework.

For me, this is a better sound/music solution than what has been previously publicly available.

The repository contains the source for a simple example rom that shows how to setup and play the music.

The repository also contains a python script to convert SMS VGM output from Deflemask (or any SMS VGM file) to NGPC.  The files have to be tuned in order to sound correct on the NGPC because it runs at a different clock rate than the SMS.

Special thanks to sodthor, mic_, and Ivan Mackintosh, whose generous sharing of their source code and knowledge allowed me to get to where I am.
Is that repo marked as PRIVATE, because I can't get to that link.
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(02-09-2022, 09:05 AM)Flavor Wrote: Is that repo marked as PRIVATE, because I can't get to that link.

Ah, that should be fixed now. Thanks!
That's brilliant - I'll always admit that sound has been the worst implemented feature in my projects. Will give this a try later.
Excellent work! This inprove the sound possibilities into ngp game dev. Thannks a lot!

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