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Menu/software game names?
I'm curious how the names are assigned to game ROMs on the cartridge.

I noticed that in the PC software anything unusual/unofficial is just shown as 'Unknown'. All official games seem to show up with their proper names, but anything with a translation or SRAM patch applied is mostly 'Unknown'. I initially assumed the software has a table with checksum->name and can't recognize anything that has been patched, translated, romhacked etc., but in the menu on the actual WS all the names seem correct, even the patched/translated games etc. How can it be that the menu on the console knows all the proper ROM names but the PC software doesn't? I found only one game name that shows up incorrect: 'Uchuu Senkan Yamato' is 'LastStand' (totally different game for the WS) for some reason in the console menu. Game seems to play fine, though.

Is there any way to manually enter/correct names?

The application and the menu use a similar technique. They just don't quite have the same database.

There is a new menu in the works (slowly so far), and the ability to rename games would be a good feature to add. It would work well in the new proposed system.

But, as far as a technical answer goes, you can see the data of how the application maps ROM info to names in this XML. The menu has a similar (but not exactly the same) database.
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Oh sweet, I had no idea the companion software is open sourced.

So, this is what I currently see PC vs WS:

[Image: 1szO3MU.png]

[Image: 9Oi0UvH.jpg]

Seems like the swan software has a better/larger DB as it can recognize basically everything, minus the one strange mixup where 'Uchuu Senkan Yamato' turns into 'LastStand', but the PC one can't seem to recognize many of the SRAM patched games (Final Lap Special, Buffers Evolution, Tetris, GunPey Ex). I'm not sure I'm using the 'official' SRAM patches as the GDrive link here in the forum is dead, but I found a GitHub repo with ones that certainly seem to work.

Would maybe be most advantageous if the PC software would setup the names/slots for the on-device software, could maybe even handle the allocation of the flash ROM so larger/more games could be stored than with using fixed-size slots.

No big deal either way, I was just surprised that the swan menu recognizes more games than the desktop one.

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