first run no controller?
Hey everyone,
I need some help resolving an issue with my setup.
I have a 2022 board and a pi zero w. self soldered header.
The boot up is all going fine, but when it gets to the point that it should be running the first run controller setup screen it just stalls.
When i connect a keyboard and start emulationstation manually it says no controller detected.
I've gone through the wiki at ( many times. Reformatted the SD twice thinking i did something wrong, but still the same result.
I've reseated the ribbon cable, and even inspected and resoldered some joints on the header pins just in case. (though i was using this pi and solder job on another project before i pulled it to put in this) 

Here is what i'm seeing.

What's my problem?
I’m traveling so it might be hard for me to reply.

To get to the screen that you showed, did you hit anything on the keyboard? Did you hit F4?

Did you ever get to the retro pie menu?

At the screen that you showed, if you have a keyboard connected, can you type

And then hit enter? Does that do anything?

When you edited the can you show a photo/screenshot of that?

Can you show a photo/screenshot of the boot directory? Does it have a fpjoy directory in there?
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Ya, this is what shows when i type emulationstation. I had done that, sorry i thought i said that in my post.
Thats what i get once emulation station runs. I can f4 and go back to console - but none of the buttons respond at this emulationstation screen.

No, i didn't hit anything while it was running through the boot cycles.

Additionally, the device will go into hotkey mode, and any button press will exit the hotkey mode - but nothing happens. not an expert, but i was interpreting that as physical buttons were working. without button press in hotkey mode light would stay blue.

I thought about taking screenshots the second time around, but now the is gone, so i'll re image the sd card and document along the way.
I figured it out.
I'm in the habit not using "pi" as the user name.
so i think your code didn't run because i used a different user name.
I missed the important message that the user name MUST be "pi"

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