Freeplay CM4
Possibly the last update on this thread.

I compiled a new display driver to hardcode the speed needed for the SPI bus and stop "underclocking" the Pi with a slower `core_freq`.

I've had a lot of luck in the past going without DMA channels by setting DUSE_DMA_TRANSFERS to OFF. This time I went with a clock divisor of 8 to make up for the additional core_freq which is now manually set to 600 in /boot/config.txt. The process to compile a new display driver is better explained here

Finally, I got a low profile heatsink for the Pi and shaved off a couple millimeters with a dremel tool and a piece of sand paper so it fits in the case.

I noticed the Pi is a lot faster now and some graphical glitches I was experiencing both in N64 and PSP games are now gone. Not sure if it was due to a single one of these changes or to all of them.

I see a lot of people using God of War on the PSP for performance comparisons (unsure if it can handle anything higher than that), but I'm getting a constant 30+ FPS  while playing and 60 FPS on cutscenes. I'm very happy with how it's turned out.

Thanks a lot, Flavor!

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