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Is there any way to back up and restore saves in WS?
hello! I am a WS FLASHMASTA user.

Inquiries are also about save slots.

I took a good opportunity and received a 3D printed version of WS FLASHMASTA as a gift from an acquaintance.

She had previously bought 2 FLASHMASTA and gave one to me as they never used it.

This is the gist.

I know from a search that there are 16 game slots on WS FLASHMASTA, but only 1 save slot.

So, I put Super Robot Wars Compact as a game to save. In addition, one-time games such as Pocket Fighter, Mr. Driller, and Magical Drop were added.

The problem is, when I play another game and turn on Super Robot Wars again, the save disappears.

Perhaps it was saved because of rank registration after clearing the game.

So, do I have to connect FLASHMASTA to PC to back up my saves every time I try to play another game?

Is there any way to back up and restore saves in WS?

I have a cheap Chinese flashcart for the Game Boy that automatically backs up previous saves and restores the saves of the game to playing when l start another game.

If automation is not possible, at least I want to back up my saves without connecting to a PC. I think FLASHMASTA is very good. There must be a way.

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