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How many tiles the NGP can handle at same time ?
I was apparently wrong about how many tiles there are in tile ram. A newer version of vdmgr than I had been using has a visualizer for tile ram. I noticed it was showing 512 tiles in tile ram and commercial games are definitely utilizing them.

I don't know if this was just my misunderstanding and misuse of how tiles are handled in the C framework or if they're legitimately not handling more than 255 (due to using u8 instead of u16).

There are definitely 256 total tiles available and I can see how a sprite and scroll planes are assigned to tiles for numbers higher than 255.

Edit: Apparently it was just a misunderstanding on my part thinking the limit was 256 tiles. The functions in the C framework do appear to support values up to 511 (so 512 when 0 is included).

Edit 2: I see in the Ahchay tutorial that it mentions that the tile limit is 256:
That was my starting point and I never questioned it.

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