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There is a music tracker that supports NGPC called Furnace!
I had been exclusively using Deflemask to compose SMS tunes that I then tune to work with my VGM sound driver for the NGPC.  This has always felt like settling for something that was good enough, but not great.  I'm always disappointed by the lack of true NGPC support in Deflemask, mainly around stereo panning.

I started contemplating finding an open source tracker that supports SMS and see if I could retool it for NGPC, and I came across Furnace.  I assumed I was going to have to use this as a starting point as I wasn't seeing up front that Furnace had NGPC support. I started it up to see what I would be working with as a starting point and I was very excited to see it as an option when choosing the chip.

It has native support for stereo panning and panning can even be put into instrument macros.

I tested VGM exports from Furnace in PokeVGM by mic_ and low and behold, it's generating compatible NGPC VGM files with stereo!

I'm totally going to rewrite my VGM driver to work with NGPC VGM files now and Furnace is going to be my go-to tracker.  Having used Deflemask for a while, Furnace has a very similar layout and controls.  It took no time figuring out how to do what I want in Furnace.  Furnace can even import Deflemask files and instruments for easy migration.

Furnace is open source and available on Github:

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