All White Screen and a strange Buzzing Sound
Hi everyone! 

So I've finally gotten around to setting up my first Freeplay CM3, However I appear to of run into a bit of a snag 

When I go to turn everything on for the first time to do the initial boot my screen stays completely white a d the speaker starts to make a buzzing noise 

I've got a green light so that end appears to be fine 

I've followed a video on here to make sure the ribbon cake was connected properly and it sure is 

I'm left wondering what else I could do 

This is being used in conjunction with a boxypixel case I purchased before covid

The gofile link will take you to a video so you can see what I mean. 

Hoping someone might have the answers for me because I am stumped
If you have the ability to connect to HDMI, that would probably help a lot. Then you can see if everything else is working correctly. That could indicate that it’s something to do with LCD connection or if it’s the whole operating system having a problem.

Since you do get the greenlight to come on, that’s a pretty good indication that the operating system is booting up in the background and you just can’t see it. How long did you wait with a white screen?

I’m just on my phone at the moment, and I can’t get the video to play here.

Based on your symptoms, my number one reaction is that the LCD ribbon cable isn’t fully connected. I know you said you watched a video about that and connected it up, but if you could show any photos or videos of how you have it connected to that could help. I would say that is by far the number one issue when people have a white screen.

Did you ever get the system to boot up properly with video on the LCD? If you changeD the video setting, and some thing went wrong with that, that could also cause the white screen to happen. The easy way to tell if that’s the problem is to start fresh with a new SD card image.
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Thanks flavor.

I'll see what I can put together, might not be until next week but the HDMI out to a bigger screen is a good idea.

I have never gotten the system to boot up, this is my first time doing so.

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