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Wonderswan Color showing only white screen
Hello! I just got my flashmasta and I’m having an issue on my IPS modded WSC. Every time I boot the console it goes to the bios and then shows a white screen after I exit. The cart works just fine on my Swan Crystal and it seems as though every game on the WSC causes it to boot through the bios, where you can name the console, input birthday, etc, before booting to the game. However, only the flash masta displays a white screen that I can’t get past. Any help would be deeply appreciated!
Ok I’m replying in my own thread because I swapped “CartFriend_flash_masta” for in slot one and I’m no longer getting a white screen. I’m still getting the bios menu on boot though so if anyone knows what’s up I’d love to fix that. I kinda suspect a buggy “start” button but idk. I bought this second hand so I have no idea what the insides look like and I’d love to fix it because the ips screen looks really nice.

Also, has anyone else had this issue or know a fix so I can still run the save game slot management software???

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