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Development Tools for the Neo Geo Pocket
So, Flavor pointed me to one website and, along with my own snooping, I've found a few others regarding Neo Geo Pocket game development. However, I'm finding it difficult to get a working assembler or compiler for the Neo Geo Pocket. Particularly, one that works on a Unix system.

Flavor's NGPC Website:

  1. Contains the PocketSend program
  2. Contains a multi-boot ROM for homebrew games?
  3. Contains the Neo Geo Pocket assembly instruction set (useful)

Yahoo Group:

  1. Discussion of current homebrew in the Neo Geo Pocket scene?

Neo Geo Pocket Developers:

  1. Contains homebrew source code (assembly and C)
  2. Contains links to assemblers and C compilers for the Neo Geo Pocket
However, most of these links are broken and, even though I can see the websites using, none of the files are available.

So, the source code available is adequate, but I can't find an actual toolchain to use for the Neo Geo Pocket. Is it blindly obvious and I can't see it? Or, was it on a website that is unavailable?

I was hoping to gather together a decent collection of information and compile it on my own website as a tribute to the Neo Geo Pocket. Maybe add some videos about getting things set up (like this one, but with commentary), creating a small game in assembly or C, and providing a mirror for the toolchain available (if allowed).

Wow, how did I miss this topic?

I'm checking out right now for the C compiler.

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