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Development Tools for the Neo Geo Pocket
Well, I think you could probably use this under Linux.

It supports the TLCS-900 series of CPUs. I just don't know how you'll fare if you're trying to use the NGPC libraries. If you write your own, then it would probably be fine. I'd like to hear your experience with it if you try.

I have been pretty out of touch with Thor, but at one point I think he was working on setting up LLVM to compile C sources into a format usable by The Macroassembler AS.

I have also tried for a while to get a Toshiba compiler. From what I understand, there is a compiler for this that's rather expensive. I also think there is a free/trial version that's limited by code size or something, but it would probably be good for homebrew. Mr. Spiv had a contact at Toshiba, but we were unable to make any real headway on this angle. I also tried contacting vendors, but nobody was able to tell me how to actually get my hands on this compiler.

Another (seemingly failed) attempt was to use SDCC. This would be a great option if the support was actually there. I think someone with compiler experience may be able to make this work. As it is now, the only way is to maybe talk to the right people to see if anyone could look into fixing the TLCS-900h support.

As it stands right now, I think Sebastion Mihai's package is the best one. I would love to find a "modern" alternative, but it definitely works once you set the environment up.
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