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Discussion on Biomotor Unitron
This brings back memories. It was a LONG time ago when I played Biomotor. It has to have been well over 10 years ago.

I definitely really liked it, though. I just am pretty vague on the specifics of what parts of the game I enjoyed most. I'm not so into story/characters, so I probably liked that I could just do my thing without caring about who I talked to and all that. Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to that stuff, but with a handheld game, I kinda like just battling and it's not as much about the story of it all with Biomotor.

I played Pokemon Blue back then, too (which I also liked). Biomotor wasn't quite on the same level, but it had a similar feel. Yeah, it was short and didn't have as much to "catch," but in some ways that what was appealing.
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