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Discussion on Biomotor Unitron
So, I just essentially finished the game. Beat the final boss, beat the extra arena after beating the final boss, defeated all of the elemental bosses, and built each arm at least once. I'm missing an item in the backpack department, but I'm not one to go dungeoneering at this stage.

Anyway, I wanted to know your thoughts on the game from the perspective of when it was released (not comparing it to newer games). I felt that, compared to other handheld RPGs at the time, it played fairly well. There were quite a few arms to develop, but I felt that it was a little disappointing that once you got the two 30 EP cost arms, nothing else really compared as one was dark (strong against other elements) and one was light (strong against dark).

The leveling was interesting as your stats were nearly all from equipment (which was the point of the game) and not pure leveling, which was nice to see.

I felt that the game should have forced a save when attempting to develop an arm as I found myself saving and attempting to develop, reloading if the develop failed. It's cheap, but I tend to exploit cheapness in games when I find it, which is why I'm happy when I can't find anything to exploit.

As for the plot, well... there wasn't much of one. Compared to some amazing RPGs from 1999 and earlier, I felt that more story and character development could have been made... but, well, I suppose for a handheld it was okay. It just didn't do it for me since I'm used to grand home console RPGs like Chrono Trigger, Suikoden, etc. Considering that Biomotor Unitron is only eight megabits in size, I think there was definitely room to expand in terms of dialog and exploration.

Overall, I enjoyed it as a time waster for pockets of time this past week, but it had one of those empty conclusions where you get nearly everything and... there's nothing left to do. Like Pokemon if you collect them all except Biomotor Unitron encounters this problem much, much earlier since it had a lot less to offer as a clone.

Your thoughts?
This brings back memories. It was a LONG time ago when I played Biomotor. It has to have been well over 10 years ago.

I definitely really liked it, though. I just am pretty vague on the specifics of what parts of the game I enjoyed most. I'm not so into story/characters, so I probably liked that I could just do my thing without caring about who I talked to and all that. Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to that stuff, but with a handheld game, I kinda like just battling and it's not as much about the story of it all with Biomotor.

I played Pokemon Blue back then, too (which I also liked). Biomotor wasn't quite on the same level, but it had a similar feel. Yeah, it was short and didn't have as much to "catch," but in some ways that what was appealing.
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I bought Biomotor Unitron 2 a few weeks ago, and I have to say the game is extremely fun. Compared to the previous game, it's an improvement in almost every way. You can have support from your engineer during battle, which mixes things up (in a good way). Also, you can learn moves from leveling up.
The weapon selection seems to be bigger, a big plus. And if you customize your Unitron the right way, it'll look extremely cool. There are more battle animations and enemy artwork is generally improved. However, you can tell that more thought was put into some enemies and not others.
The story is apparently a lot more detailed due to the 30-minute introduction, although I can't enjoy it due to only knowing a tiny bit of Japanese.
Right now, I've beaten two bosses and wandering around to see what to do next and I'm working on beating Rank A at the tournament.

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