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Discussion on Biomotor Unitron
I bought Biomotor Unitron 2 a few weeks ago, and I have to say the game is extremely fun. Compared to the previous game, it's an improvement in almost every way. You can have support from your engineer during battle, which mixes things up (in a good way). Also, you can learn moves from leveling up.
The weapon selection seems to be bigger, a big plus. And if you customize your Unitron the right way, it'll look extremely cool. There are more battle animations and enemy artwork is generally improved. However, you can tell that more thought was put into some enemies and not others.
The story is apparently a lot more detailed due to the 30-minute introduction, although I can't enjoy it due to only knowing a tiny bit of Japanese.
Right now, I've beaten two bosses and wandering around to see what to do next and I'm working on beating Rank A at the tournament.

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