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TLCS-900/H prefetch instruction queue test
Quote:Is there a NGP emulator that's still being actively developed, though? Aside from the multi-platform ones

I guess not.
And I'd be very surprised if there's any actual software (as in Games) for the NGPC that relies on the prefetching on this level (though if they had wanted to be a bit evil they could've easily added code that would cause games to lock up in any emulator that doesn't emulate the prefetching accurately Tongue ). This was just something that picked my interest when I saw it mentioned in various reference manuals, and I wondered whether there were any emulators that actually emulates this - and how I could test whether they do.

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RE: TLCS-900/H prefetch instruction queue test - by mic_ - 10-16-2012, 11:08 PM

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