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Updating current SD Card img through SSH? - vancity.exe - 09-22-2019

Just wanted to know how to update to current image through SSH instead of redoing setup again through new image file. 

I want to use the current Freeplaytech image but also would like to know if there's any benefit (other than having the newest img) to updating to newest retropie img or if im better off waiting on Freeplaytech version. 


RE: Updating current SD Card img through SSH? - Mootikins - 09-24-2019

We currently do not have an update script for the extra packages we include, but we do recommend running the updater through RetroPie Setup. It should (theoretically) not cause any issues. If you do decide to try to update modules (I think the ones in the current image are up to date), you can ssh in and just run git pull and ./ in each folder in ~/Freeplay/

You may need to do some stuff after that, depending on your setup (analog sticks, custom controls, etc), but this will ensure you're getting the most recent versions.

RE: Updating current SD Card img through SSH? - Flavor - 09-25-2019

I'll kind of quickly run through what Mootikins laid out.  BUT FIRST, MAKE A BACKUP IMAGE OF YOUR SD CARD!

If you SSH in (and the machine is on the internet), you can 

cd /home/pi/Freeplay/

Then do an 'ls' there to see what subdirectories are in that directory.  For each of them, you should be able to enter the directory, pull the latest from git, and re-run the install.  Here's a full example of one of them.

cd /home/pi/Freeplay/
cd mk_arcade_joystick_rpi
git pull

To update the rest of the system, you can

cd /home/pi/RetroPie-Setup/
sudo ./
<Yes>    (Update underlying OS packages)
<Perform reboot>