Issues with the B Button and Shutdown
(04-24-2020, 01:58 AM)Porcinus Wrote: CM3 motherboard aren't compatible with EMMC version, you need to take the Lite version.
If you go for a CM3+, you may have to update Linux plus the kernel.

To limit troubles, the best option is to reflash a SDcard using the lastest image from
I think it is Freeplay_CM3_20042001.img.gz

Connecting thru WiFi, you should be able to backup your old saves / Roms and configs.
To enable Samba : On main page -> Retropie -> Retropie Setup -> Configuration / tools -> Samba -> Install Retropie Samba Shares -> Then Cancel -> Back -> Exit
Once done, you should be able to connect via the Windows network share.

Edit: Totally missed to check the image, there is a lot of corrosion here, how the socket look?
I recently got a CM3+ to replace my cm3 lite not knowing that it only runs on cm3 lite is there a specific thing that needs to be done to make it compatible

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