CM3+ Slim with Joy Con Analogs (Xbox layout)
(03-18-2019, 05:44 AM)Porcinus Wrote: I not sure to understand the audio mod part, what is the purpose?
I can't even imagine the patience you have for this wiring Smile

How many time does it take to make a build like this?

If you think that wiring is bad you should see the mess I had to figure out on this build That’s about 12 hours of video chopped up into just a few minutes. 

The audio mod is just to add the Left audio channel for full stereo sound. This way I can have a left and right channel instead of only the right channel (I think audio is only the right channel by default).

I probably should keep track of time for a build. The thing about the way I usually and tinkering makes that kind of difficult to keep track of meaningfully. I usually have no idea what I’m doing when I sit down to work. I just have to figure out how to do something. So a lot of time is used just thinking of ideas and trying different things out. Like with this Slim build I didn’t know how anything was going to work until I started trying things out. For example, I thought I’d be able to keep the add on board in one piece, but that didn’t work. It usually goes that way, and I just have to figure out something that will work all along the way. The largest chunk of time was messing with paint. All together it was like a month or so, but just working some here and some there.

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