CM3+ Slim with Joy Con Analogs (Xbox layout)
I have the link here, but I don’t recommend them. I ordered 2 shells and both were not in perfect condition. There was damage on all 4 pieces, but I decided to try to work around the damage and go head with the build instead of waiting for a replacement. I don’t know how to clean up the plastic perfectly. I’ve been trying different things to get the work done and have been trying to be really careful. I use my Dremel tool super carefully, and then I use a rounded craft knife to scrape the edges smooth. So far I have a few ugly spots, some nicks here and there and the clear epoxy don’t look great. I had thought from the beginning to cover some parts strategically with black leathery decals, but I’m not sure yet. I did test using acetone on the inside of the shell. I used a Q-tip and rubbed the acetone in one small area to test, and surprisingly it didn’t damage the plastic. Instead it made that area even clearer. I’m not planning on using that technique for anything yet, but I thought it was kind of interesting.

Man it sounds like you’re doing something cool with your build, but I have no idea in my head of what it might look like. Looking forward to seeing it Smile

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