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Does anyone have a Cardboard Boxed NGPC Game and a scanner?
Hey All

Does anyone have a scanner and a NGPC cardboard gamebox?

I could use a scan of the Front. Back and sides and the dimensions of it as well.

Also some pictures of how the box opens as well would be handy.

I need some reference materials so I can buy my own box for my game hack.

If any one can help me out that would be fantastic Smile
If you can scan a Magical Drop Pocket cover that would be even better

Thanks guys I know it's a big ask Big Grin

How about going the DS case rout? they can be found pretty cheap on the likes of ebay, or maybe pic up a cheap game in a clamshell
I can get some pics to you of the US magical drop cardboard case this week. How soon do you need it?
Thanks for the response guys

Thanks for the idea Wiisel but id like to be creating an insert for the usb and linkmaster as well in the box so the DS case is out and I think a NGPC box would be big enough with a custom insert so I can print up my modified art on it and have it still look like a proper NGPC game.

TurfMasta thanks for that it would be a tremedious help if you could get some pics for me and scans as well of possible.
I'm not in a rush right now so do it when you have some free time.

Thank you all for your help and advice Smile Love these forums
Turfmasta have you had a chance to scan the box? Don't mean to push Smile
edit:// nvm -- I see you figured it all out in the other thread. Smile

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