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Rockman Battle & Fighters
Except for Card Fighters, the only other translation project I've ever heard of is Rockman Battle & Fighters. Recently I have come across a "new" patch for that game. Previous version, numbered 0.05, came in two versions with different font sizes. This one claims to be 0.10, which would suggest further progress. Unfortunately, I haven't found any information to back that up.

- > Rockman Battle & Fighters (J) [T-Eng]

The 0.10 version I found was a pre-patched image. I made a IPS file [for use with Lunar IPS], and put it in a package with two previous versions and the original info file. The checksum of the clean image I used for patch creation is 9C861E49.

I haven't really compared 0.10 against 0.05, so don't feel disappointed if it turns out to be identical. Also, 0.05 translation status, according to the info, was "not much done", so 0.10, even if it differs, can't be a big improvement. Still, I thought I'd share.

P.S. - Note, that the translation link provided above does not contain actual game images, only patches. The Lunar IPS is a Windows tool. If you're using a different OS, look for an alternative here.

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