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questions from a noob to the FPros
what drill bit size did you guys use on the x/y buttons? I want to use the button caps because they look awesome and the x/y caps are crazy sensitive when I pressed them when I pulled the pcb out from the bag and I'm afraid I would break them from normal use if I don't have the button caps... also has anyone ran kodi or doom using zdoom on a freeplay zero? I want to watch a show on a gba that isn't on a gba video cart... also be able to kill some demons brutally in brutal doom because I was disappointed of the gba version of doom... ("green blood, seriously?" "I would perfer large amounts of red or rainbows!")
Search the document linked at for the word drill. There are some good tips there. I prefer the step bit method and I like just turning it by hand. The plastic is soft enough to cut it that way, and it doesn't get away from you.

If you use a drill and bit, then I think a drill press would be the first choice.

If you don't have a drill press or a step bit, then what I'd do is make the pilot holes just large enough so that the button shaft itself isn't touching the edge of the hole. Then use an xacto or whatever to make sure that the button shaft is perfectly centered. Then just use a increasing larger bit size until the cap fits. The button shaft doesn't have to be perfectly centered in the end. The button cap can account for a bit of that. The proper size and perfectly round is probably the most important thing. After that, centered is the next most important.

I think you can use the retropie setup to install new ports like Doom. I haven't done it in a while, and I've never tried Brutal Doom.
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