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Noise coming from speaker before loading game
So I have searched this forum for help on this issue and found some others have had somewhat similar issues. I haven't really solved the white noise issue but have found some info that might be useful for people with similar issues. I noticed that my speaker was making a minor popping sound from the time that the splash screen started until I loaded a rom in an emulator or went into one of the setup menus (i.e. raspi-config / setup / etc.). Once a rom was loaded the sound works great and once exiting the rom the popping sound was gone. 

Headphones = Great no white noise ever
HDMI = Great no white noise ever

When using WiFi I can hear some minor popping due to interference but that is a non problem due to the lack of using WiFi most of the time (and my eventual plan to turn off WiFi).

My current fix to this problem is using a splash screen video that has sound. For some reason once a sound is played the popping sounds are completely gone. 

I will play around with some more setting and testing once I finish loading my sd card. Hoping that maybe disabling WiFi might help. If anyone else has ideas I would be glad to test most things before putting the screws back in my case. 

Build information: Zero W build with WiFi obviously turned on. Pictures to be provided (in the other part of the forum) once I finish tinkering with the sd card.

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