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Freeplay Emulationstation Theme Preview
Here's just a little something I'm cooking up that'll be available to everyone within the next couple weeks using the ESThemes menu in Retropie.

[Image: wIjmpyt.png][Image: AJSVHLx.png]

If you're brave and want to preview it now (note that it's still quite incomplete), I believe that you can do so using the following command (I haven't tried this but I assume this should work, since it's the same way that the Retropie esthemes menu installs themes. Also, note that you need network access on your Freeplay for this to work.):

sudo git clone --recursive --depth 1 "" "/etc/emulationstation/themes/freeplay"

EDIT: Confirmed that the command above will do a fresh install of the theme. The three commands below will update the theme if it's already installed...

cd "/etc/emulationstation/themes/freeplay"

sudo git pull

sudo git submodule update --init --recursive
That’s exciting! I’ll probably test it tomorrow.
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It's actually totally usable at this point, but many of the systems still aren't themed.  Instead of a system logo on the missing systems, you'll just get the short name of the system in text form.

There's a fancy wheel animation on the carousel which currently requires installing the Experimental Module "emulationstation-dev" from Retropie-Setup (or you can wait until Retropie 4.5 comes out when it should be part of the stable version).  Until then, it'll be a regular horizontal-scrolling menu, which still blends well with the background as shown.

Also, note that this theme tends to flow better using "instant" transitions setting (vs. my GBZ themes which look nicer using the "slide" transitions).

To-Do List:
  • Finish theming all of the possible systems (May 11 Update: 16 more systems themed; all done through Gameboy Color now)
  • Tweak the UI around the video/screenshot/boxart area of the screen
  • Add placeholder graphics for when no art was scraped on a particular game
  • User-configurable color choices to coordinate with your Freeplay Zero/CM3 (indigo, glacier, red, black, etc; and a multi-color choice to cycle through all of the colors as you change systems)

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