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White LCD Screen
So sadly I already posted in another thread my software issues but I got everything all worked out. So now here I am again...

Everything was running smooth. However my build was not 100% complete has I had to make a few more mods and correct the shoulder buttons to fit properly etc.

I took the shell apart did what I needed to do put it all back together and boom all the sudden the screen it just white. I read what the common issues for the white screen are, and I am 99.9% positive it is not my sd card here is why:

I did a few power off's and on's and the one time the screen was flickering in and out with the retropie home screen and weird colors across the screen and if I held the bottom of the GBA shell kind of snug it then popped up, soon as I let go it disappeared. I took everything back apart again and unhooked the LCD and reattached it and still am getting the white screen only. (Tested also with out any of the casing - just PCB, battery, and screen plugged in, and nothing)

So I am fairly confident it is the screen. Is something damaged with the screen or are there any other methods to get it to work? I just received my CM3 kit within the last two weeks and have done nothing out of the ordinary or different for it to just not respond now. Very strange.

Help  Huh
The white screen issue is very unlikely to be the LCD itself, but we need some more debugging to track it down.

My first guess is that the LCD ribbon itself isn't properly seated or that the ribbon socket shoulders aren't fully latched in place. I know this is a poor video, but watch this to make sure it's being inserted/locked properly.

Does the green LED come on when you hold the power on for 10 seconds?

Are you able to hook up to HDMI with a monitor/TV? If so, what do you see on the TV?

Are you using a brightness controller? If so, there's a chance that it is causing the problem. Can you disconnect it (just leave it hang from the 2 wires for a moment) and just connect the LCD straight to the Freeplay CM3 board?

Did you ever disconnect the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 (green board) from the Freeplay CM3 (red board)? If so, it may not be fully seated. I can find a video about that if you need it.
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So my fault looks like I jumped the gun. Somehow the LCD ribbon wasn't seated right like you said. It looked good from the eye. I just took it out completely and re-connected it and everything was good to go!

Thanks again for the prompt response and help! Probably jumped the gun on this thread!
I'm glad you got it working, and I'm also happy that the thread is here for anyone else that has the same problem. Thanks!
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