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Freeplay Zero black or white screen
Hello, I just got the free play Zero kit, made sure to follow the EXACT instructions and got all of the right parts. I made sure to flash the right image and went through the troubleshooting steps, but I got a white screen, after this i ordered a new rpi zero wh  with headers, and inserted the screen right. But then I got a black screen. PLEASE HELP!!!
Hello nemo504!

First of all, you will want to go over the TROUBLESHOOTING guide at
It sounds like you may have done that already, but I want to be sure.

Have you tried HDMI output? Do you get a green LED when you hold the power button for 15 seconds or so?

Do you have a brightness controller installed? If so, can you try unplugging it and plugging the LCD directly to the Freeplay Zero board?

If all of that still fails, can you post photos of where the LCD is connected to the Freeplay Zero?
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