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Newbie Pitfalls
Evening folks.

Got my cm3 in the mail yesterday and, kids rolling, will be starting my build tomorrow.

That being said, I've never done anything of this sort before, so, those of you who have, what are some errors/issues that new biddersb run into, that aren't necessarily covered in the instructions?

Also, if there was one thing you could tell yourself before starting your first build, what would it be?

Thanks guys
Kids willing*

Darn phone
Which X/Y option do you plan to build? That's one area that people have opinions on, and the new "soft" versions are still in development (as far as documentation and such).

If you are doing the long clicky X/Y buttons, then my #1 suggestion is to mark, eyeball the marks, and drill a small hole. Then go through an iterative process of drilling slightly larger and making sure the button shafts are centered well. If not, widen the hole in the proper direction and keep repeating this until the hole is perfectly sized for the caps. If the long button shafts aren't centered, when you put the cap on, the button will sit at an angle and then it won't actuate properly.

The rest of the shell modifications are a bit similar. To make them look nice, it's important to be patient doing an iterative process of cut, fit, feel, look, cut some more. Doing the build for the first time, you will definitely need to test the PCB in the shell, see what's hitting or not fitting well, and then shave just a bit more if you want it to come out nicely.

Many of the cuts are internal, and they don't matter quite as much. The ones that are external are much more important if you care about the aesthetics of the final product.

Watch a few videos, even if you just skip around. It'll give you a better idea of what different builders do differently (like dremel, xacto, file, etc.).
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I'm doing the silicone pads version, because the emulate the original click closer, at least, from what I've read.

That's the part I'm most worried about tbh.
If you're doing the silicone pad version, I think that's "probably" the easiest choice to do properly. If the holes aren't perfectly aligned, it seems to still work well. Of course, we haven't had a ton of people build these new X/Y options yet, so we're really hoping to get feedback from people like yourself.

The other thing about the silicone pad version is that you can switch to the rubber-nipple button version pretty easily if you don't like the feel of the new buttons for some reason. But, I think you'll like it.

If you haven't watched it already, I would DEFINTIELY recommend watching this video.
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Oh definitely. I chatted with Hipcat a bit in the comments. Really great guy!

My shells come today (three of the color I like) so I'm not too terribly worried about messups.

My plan is to do the back shell first, then move on to the buttons. That way, if I mess up, I haven't wasted all that time modifying the rest of it.
So here's where I'm at.

The upper of the XY buttons is really floaty. Doesn't press like the original ab buttons at all.

The lower is getting stuck somewhere, and I'm having trouble finding where. I'm worried it's on the speaker, because that sucker is really close.

I can't get the shells to mate properly either.

Gonna go to bed and troubleshoot more tomorrow
One of the best things you can do is post photos or a video. Maybe we can see something wrong.

Here's a post from a recent build that also had some issues.

There's a post that should be cut. I think it's tripping some people up recently.

With the rubber pads, the X/Y buttons should feel like the A/B. One thing is that the new buttons won't be stuck together like the A/B, so they could "fall" out of place. Once put together, I don't think this can happen, but it could happen if things aren't fitting properly. One trick could be to put a TINY dot of superglue between the button cap and the rubber pad. This would hold the rubber to the plastic cap while you're assembling.
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Ask and ye shall receive.

I did some more trimming and cutting, and things fit better now. That upper XY button is still extremely loose and floaty. 

That post you mentioned fell off while i was drilling the holes for the XY buttons, so, guess that's not a thing any more.

Please don't judge the ugly cuts. It's my first time.
You can still get another case and take this one as model when everything will fit well.

You can also buy a set of adjusting file, they are sell at a low price and content 6 types of file. Cutting plier used in electronic is a great tool as well.

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