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Modify TFT screen for Fullscreen mod
Disclaimer : If you consider to do this modification please note that YOU will be responsible of any damage to YOUR material, this tutorial is deliver as is, for the knowledge, as a possible way to go (Not the absolute way to go). If you're not confident about making this mod, don't do it.

Having a "rescue" screen is always a good idea, this mod doesn't cover the screen deliver with Freeplay products but one compatible that bought from Aliexpress.
I choose this one for another reason, most of my build are made with  clear shell, this one will leak less backlight to the shell.

Before starting, you will need:
- A screen, yes it is obvious Smile
- Cutting plier (model used for electronic usage work well).
- Black reinforced tape.
- Razor blade or any other similar cutting tool.

The screen:

Remove the metal back cover:
Once done, cut this part in the red line (important for after)

This part need modify BUT be very careful with the ribbon cable, it is extremely fragile.

To do this, using the cutting plier, bite the plastic part on each side of the screen (do NOT cut it):

Then bend it softly, it should broke easily. Repeat this on the other side. After this, cut the middle SOFTLY.

Start bending the metal back cover on the red line on left and right side, to about 45°, not right angle for now.

Place the cover back on the screen and finish the bending to right angle:

Place one layer of black tape on the metal back cover then bend back ribbon cable on it and secure it with another strip of tape:

Cut the excess of tape and you should be done.
Hey Porcinus! I would assume that the mod you are doing here is to allow the LCD to shift more toward the right (toward the A/B buttons). This helps center the LCD, which is important if you want to open up the viewable area of the plastic shell to see more of the LCD. Is that correct?
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Yes, this mod allow to shift the screen by about 3-3.5mm (0.118-0.137inch) Wink

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