Boxy Pixel Metal Shell: Having trouble keeping the screen in place
My build is in progress. I can sink the screen all the way into the BoxyPixel chassis, but by the time everything is screwed in, it inevitably moves a tad, and I'm stuck with this:

[Image: VyRr0Jr.jpg]

Am I missing a step where the screen gets better attached? Do i just need to use  more foam between the board and screen?
I also experienced something similar, but my issue was that it didn't slide into place as easily. The upside of my issue is that it didn't slide out of place easily (like yours).

I think you are right to assume that more foam would help. Just be sure that you don't put too much pressure on the PCB or LCD. You don't want any real pressure. You just don't want it to move by itself.

Also, I'm going to edit the title of your post to include "Boxy Pixel Metal Shell" in it, to see if anyone else building those shells comes here to discuss the issue.

I also wonder if you could use some tape around the frame of the LCD to hold it in place.
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One side of the screen is pushed all the way because of the ribbon cable but on the other side there is nothing to do so.

I encounter this problem with pastic build, to solve it I used a piece of card box bend in half between the motherboard and the screen to act as a spring, this put just enought pressure to push the screen against the shell.
My Boxy Pixel shell should be arriving soon. I think that I’m going to use a combination of foam padding between the PCB and LCD, and a strip of Kapton tape going around the back of the LCD to keep it tight. I’ll let you guys know what my results are.

Update: It was a very tight fit. I had to use a knife to shave away the white plastic corners on the LCD in order to get the screen in. I didn’t use any foam, but I did use a bit of Kapton tape to hold the screen in place, although I don’t think it will be necessary.

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