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Boxy L2 & R2
Hi everyone,
a few years I built several gameboy pi handhelds. This time I'm building a nice one for myself using the Freeplay CM3 mobo and the Boxy aluminium shell. Looks fantastic.

My question is I know I can wire L2 & R2 into the existing pinouts from the MOBO has anyone tried integrating the L2 and R2 buttons into the L1 & R1 shoulder buttons to save the nice case. I would imagine I will need a tactile button and some very fine wire. 

What gauge can you work with easily it needs to be flexible? I need some for my GCW Zero too after replacing the LCD I managed to pull both sets of wires off for the shoulder buttons on that. Tongue

My plan was to modify the cheapo L1 & R1 buttons and place the tactile button near the hinge point poking through the shoulder button. Does anyone have a 3d model for the shoulder buttons please?

Thanks in advance

Good timing, I did finish my last night Smile

I used the "switch into the shoulder" method, wired using silicone wire, not sure if it was 26AWG or 22AWG.

There is a thread on the forum about differents way to do so but I don't remember the post title, I think it was initiated by Hipcat, he use a "thru" method.

Fantastic thanks for your help

Your thread had some nice pictures too

Big Grin
Thanks Wink
I know boxy is planning on a redesigned back plate to accommodate the L2 & R2 board, but at the moment it's just at the drawing board stage.
We are also planning to test some options and _maybe_ make a video or forum post about how to add these. There are a few options, and while we have our favorites, we really want to focus on what is easiest/best for the average builder.
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I have a Boxy aluminum shell and a CM3 on the way. I'd like to attempt the same thing with the shoulder buttons. The only thing I'm having trouble with is finding the information on what pinouts on the MOBO I'd need to connect the switches to. Would anybody be able to point me in the right direction? Thanks.
Pin 43 is L2 and 42 is R2 in a standard configuration.

[Image: IMG_9536.jpg]
From Freeplaytech shop
(07-04-2019, 02:04 AM)Porcinus Wrote: Pin 43 is L2 and 42 is R2 in a standard configuration.

[Image: IMG_9536.jpg]
From Freeplaytech shop

Hmmm. So do I actually need the addon board or can I go straight to those pins on the main board? (sorry, a bit new to this Wink )
No need of the addon board for L2/R2 Smile

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