dual stick build
first build... thanks to hipcat for all the helpful vids. basically followed his lead on most of the build. still trying to get the sticks configured to work properly (https://forum.freeplaytech.com/showthread.php?tid=5049) but thought id show off the build so far. 


start/select relocation + full screen mod. need to clean up the holes for my sticks... next time i guess ill make them a bit smaller



i have never soldered before in my life... and it shows lol. hopefully ill get a little better on future builds. 


centered the screen by just clipping off part of the LCD frame. i use a little packing material on the dpad side of the screen to give it a nudge toward the center


used command strips to raise the analog sticks up off the board. need to do a better job next time with lining them up better, but it worked out pretty good actually


sacrificial WCW n64 cartride i used for my start/select bridge. in my next build, i will be much more careful to make it look like a finished product. i just kind of ripped it off the cart to test the diameter of the cartridge inside the GBA shell and it worked just about perfectly so i used it!


next i need to extend my speaker wire so i can relocate it to the back bottom abxy side of the shell... will also be working on port cover and a better paint job on my glass screen protector. will post some updates as i get to them. if anyone can help on the stick configuration, check out the link above for that issue please!
So far, everything looks good Wink
Yeah, I really like this build. Hipcat does a lot of videos, but not too many people attempt the things he shows off. Nice work!
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updated the build. got the joysticks working thanks to porcinus. 

repainted my glass, added a cart vent and a port cover, changed the color scheme a bit, and extended my speaker wire to locate it on the back left side. 


slightly missed on one of my speaker holes lol whoops

im having a slight problem getting the right stick located just perfectly so it doesnt rub my X button, but its always a work in progress i guess!
Testing out n64 with the sticks

(11-16-2019, 08:58 AM)farlsmagee Wrote: Testing out n64 with the sticks


Nice! I've been kind of busy and haven't looked around in the forums lately. I really like the color scheme. Also, after I've tried a few different kinds of analog sticks I have to say that the benefits of the PSP sliders being small, and the cool look of them are making me want to use them more. In my clear 3DS sticks build I had the right analog stick cap touching the lower button too. I used blade to shave away the bottom left part of the button to allow the analog stick to move completely. That worked out pretty well because it was just a small part of the button.

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